Did you know that SolidWorks can be extended using custom software to automate your everyday tasks and repetitive processes? The SolidWorks software lets you create your own buttons and menu items within its user interface, in order to deliver tailored functionality exactly the way you want it.


These processes can range from extremely simple everyday activities through to more complex tasks that implement your specific business rules. An example of a simple process would be a one-click solution to email a part-document screenshot to your customer. A more complex process could be the accumulation of specific project information to generate an automated costing. Whether it's producing PDF documents, processing data to Excel or a database, or logging job statistics, the automation possibilities within SolidWorks are literally endless.


While the benefits of automating your SolidWorks processes are too numerous to list, the overall end result is the achievement of huge cost savings for your business. The resulting minimisation of process times, the standardisation of SolidWorks modelling techniques, the compliance of automated business rules, the reduction in required skill/training levels, the centralisation of data management and the eradication of manual repetition are just some of the many benefits to be enjoyed from SolidWorks automation to help you greatly improve your bottom line.


By engaging Beehive Systems as your SolidWorks automation partner, you are leveraging 25+ years’ of programming experience, combined with 30+ years of manufacturing proficiency and 16+ years of specific SolidWorks expertise. Beehive Systems understands the unique problems you experience as a manufacturer, because we are manufacturers ourselves. Choose Beehive Systems today to reduce wastage in time and manpower, and increase both your productivity and your profitability into the future.

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