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Contact Manager. Get the job done.

A flexible and easy to use contact management software solution that allows you to store, filter, customize, print, email, import, export and share all your contact data.

Perfect for home office and small business.

  • Are you looking for a flexible but cost effective way of managing all you home, personal, business and organizational contact information?
  • Do you struggle with spreadsheets to organize your contact information with multiple files all over your computer or computer network?
  • Do you use your e-mail program to try and manage your contact information?
  • Have you tried to print mail merge documents or mailing labels using your word processing program and failed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Beehive Contact Manager is for you.

Beehive Contact Manager is a database program that makes the management of your contact information easy whilst giving you the flexibility to customize for your own specific requirements. With ALL of your contact information in one place, Beehive Contact Manager provides you with the tools you need to find, filter, print, categorize and analyze your contact information the way you want to.

Beehive Contact Manager is not built for any specific group or industry, it's built for you.